Sorry, No More Public Tours Available!

New York Private Tours

Explore the city that never sleeps and discovers the amazing landmarks of Manhattan by foot. Our fun and engaging licensed guides will captivate your attention with interesting facts and other tidbits about the Big Apple. With your very own audio receiver, you will never miss a word of the tour.

Check out our current 1.5 hour walking tours:

  • Show Me Times Square- This tour takes you through Times Square and the Theater District. Get a glimpse into what Time Square looked like in the past, why there are so many lights, and what bold business move proved to be the best risk ever. Stroll along the Street of Hits and Shubert Alley and find out how they got their names, learn about ticket sale strategies, and family scandals. Schedule a custom tour with us..

Keep Checking back we are working on our Show Me Central Park and Show Me Rockefeller Center Tours. Days and times are soon to be posted.

Never crick your neck or worry about getting lost!

Have you ever been on a tour somewhere and afterwards you have a pain in your neck from having to turn it uncomfortably to see what the guide is talking about? Or have you missed something because you were either on the wrong side of the bus or simply because the bus was going to fast? Well with a Show Me Tours experience, this won’t happen as we tour the city on foot. Our small size tours allow for the time to stop and get up close to New York's sites. It truly is the best way to see the city that never sleeps!

Never Miss A Single Word!

Have you ever been on a tour where you couldn’t hear your guide because there was too many people on the tour or because the city noise was too loud? Well with Show Me Tours, you never have to worry as we provide each person with their very own headphones and receiver to use on the tour. This allows for the guide to not have to strain his voice by screaming or shouting which can become tiresome and allows for the tourist to hear every word with clarity both inside the beautiful landmark buildings, outside on the exciting but noisy streets, and down below as we travel on the city’s subways.

Always have that other person to take a picture of you with your camera!

There is nothing worse than being in front of a cool building or unique city scene with no one to take your picture. On our tours, there is always a guide to take that quick snap shot in front of that amazing New York City building, park, or neighborhood while on tour.